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Green Living

Live with the elements of nature in homes that are designed with the aim to optimize your surroundings to be in complete harmony with the great outdoors. From balanced airflow, carefully designed natural light outlets and complete privacy through absence of common walls we provide you a living experience that is bound to be your domain of peace within life's everyday chaos.


Each structure has been placed in angles that Welcomes the Sun & Diffused light from all the sides

Door/window designed for optimum natural lighting

A balance between walls and windows with their calculated placement to ensure maximum light and wind and minimum heat passed on to the interiors of the home.

Be closer to the source of life.

Keeping the natural water bodies alive, creating small and regular water spots for the birds and passing maximum rain water back to the earth - elaborate investments made by SkyBunglows to preserve nature's precious water reserve.

Recycled water utility.
All used water to be re-cycled and re-used for toilet flushing and watering the greenery

Adequate water supply

Municipal water to be filtered daily before being diverted to the residences at SkyBunglow via a filtration plant

Recycled Flush Water

Water used for Flushing at SkyBungalow is recycled & reused. This results in saving of 40% of the regular water usage.

Low Fitting Fixtures

Ensuring the optimum amount of water needed per person on a daily basis, and to follow overall water use sustenance standards, latest contemporary low flow fittings will be used
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