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Green Living

A breath of fresh air.

Experience seemless airflow with openings in both side of the room. When windows on both sides of he room are open, your SkyBungalow creates a positive pressure on the windward and/or a vacuum on the lee side of the building resulting in optimization of overall air movement.

Air changes

Air changes can be defined as the amount of time air needs to pass through the entire house in an hour. As compared to other home structures SkyBungalows provides the maximum amount of air changes which means home ventilation of the highest quality for you and your loved ones

Rise in comfort, not the bills

Your abode has been constructed keeping the delicate balance of sun, water and air intact while heavily studying and researching the behavior of the same.

Thus, with light optimization we ensure that each SkyBungalow patron, enjoys the lifestyle of a responsible citizen and the ability to conserve energy effortlessly along with reaping the benefits of lighter electricity bills.

Energy Efficient Fixtures

The Right Choice for the Right Fixture

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